New Moon in Libra

Today felt like the perfect day to make my first Patreon post. I have shared the link at the end of the post if you’d like to follow me there. Technically we are in the new moon in Virgo, my rising sign, before we transition to Libra tomorrow.

I decided to create my own tarot spread for this new moon to celebrate the turning of the seasons and also because I have been feeling very out of balance with my time, energy and resources.

This quick reading and ritual was structured to help me hone in on where I need to recalibrate.

I’m visiting my folks, so I have very little in the way of supplies for a ritual. Which actually suits me just fine.

Taking a single tea light, I sprinkled half with black pepper. You could also color it with a black crayon or sharpie.

The gorgeous black and white feathers were found yesterday during my walk on the. A lovely stroke of serendipity.

For this spread, I pulled the bottom card for the shadow, the top card for the higher conscious and two cards from the middle for integration and birth.

Using the Black Violet tarot deck from Heidi Phelps I was presented with these cards

What lesson is available to my shadow self?

6 of Wands So this is really interesting. I get the sense that Soritvis asking me how much of my time and energy is being invested for recognition. As opposed to a successful nurturance of my passion.

Where am I neglecting my conscious self?

8 of Swords

I am allowing myself to feel stuck and unable to make changes when the complete opposite is true. I can drop that blindfold and step through the swords at any time. I am choosing my prison.

How can I balance these two aspects?

The Wheel of Fortune

The beautiful energy of the wheel and the opportunities for change are here for me. Step into the flow. And go.

What lesson of integration will be born?

King of Wands

I will step into my truth as my own creative visionary. Only investing my energy in aspects that serve my highest good

I would love to hear from you in the comments if this was helpful or if any of it resonates.

Be well

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