Protection Charms

I use this old silver compote that a family member gave me to do a lot of my ritual work for the home. The silver is perfect for gathering in and reflecting back energy from your chosen source. For my purpose here, I placed it where it could catch the waning moon light leading up to the dark moon.

The thorns were soaked for a few days and then transferred to a paper towel lined tray to dry off before being placed over all the windows and doors on the new moon.

I also saved the oil by draining it through a cheese cloth lined sieve, putting it in an old jar and labeled for use in the coming year.

Final tip. Save that oil soaked paper!

It’s great to use as a fire starter. I stuff it into old paper towel rolls. Add some herbs or incense and write an intention or Sigils on the outside. I then toss it into a chimnea fire to complete the ritual❤️

Bright blessings

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