Page of Prompts

So my guide for this month’s ancestral work is embodied by the Page Of Swords. My passionate, enthusiastic, brimming with new ideas, communication idea generator 💙

Using the Ancestral Tarot book by @nancysageshadow I next queried how to best work together with this guide

And the 6 of Pentacles, 5 of Wands and King of Pentacles stepped forward with some very practical and encouraging advice

One of the things I decided to do this month with my daily prompts was to write them on slips of paper and place them in a jar. When I do my daily tarot draws, I also pull a slip of paper to see what ideas or support pop up.

I write them down in my daily devotional journal and then fold the strip into a “lucky star” and pop them back into the jar holding the strips.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to fold a Lucky Star. The link below was the most clear!

I also included a screen shot of his account for ease in finding him if you want to try this yourself.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with all the stars at the end of the month, but I have a feeling the Page will prompt me!

Happy Saturday and bright blessings

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