Poetry in the Shadows

đź’™Poetry In the Shadows đź’š

I think the most radical act of love I can embrace is to face the discarded, neglected, shameful parts of myself.
Great healing happens in the shadows.

I meditated on this haiku I wrote while taking a ritual shower recently using very simple allies.

•Epsom salt
•Rainbow obsidian
•Black candle

I asked my guides to help me in bringing what I most need to address to the forefront of my consciousness.
Honestly, this is very difficult work for me because I have a very hard even recognizing what those wounds might be.
It’s a process and nothing immediately leapt out. But I definitely know there is something hiding there. I can feel it even if I can’t name it.

So while I wait and do the work, I’ll keep using this ritual because at the very least it opened the door

Bright blessings

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