First of Sunwait

💜First of Sunwait🤍

Inspired by my deeper dive into ancestral work this past month, I was thrilled to learn about the history of Sunwait, a mindful candle and rune practice for the 6 weeks preceding the Winter Solstice.

A large part of my DNA is steeped in Germanic roots and I’m not going to sugar coat it. Those folks of my recent memory were not always the nicest people. I had balked at exploring those connections until recently. And specifically the appearance of this practice on my spiritual radar felt like a well timed sign.

I’ll be sharing a tarot spread each week based on the six stanzas of the poem that accompany each candle and rune.

The cards I pulled for this first week provided a roadmap to successfully navigate the rest of 2021

I hope it will help me find support and reflection while waiting for the return of longer days.

The full poem with all six stanzas is below.

Bright blessings

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