Reimagined Vision Boards


Vision Boards

“I keep my visions to myself”

A wise woman once told me to plan privately, celebrate publicly. And I have found that to be excellent advice throughout the years. I believe it is because folks can be quick to tell you why you can’t do something, for a wide variety of reasons.

All that to say, I am still going to share my fun way to make a manifestation collage. Even if I don’t share my goals, word of the year, actual board,etc.

So on to the process.

I know traditionally boards have been created from flipping through various printed material to find inspiration. And while I LOVE paper crafts, once I discovered how to create one digitally, a major creative switch was flipped.

First, I like to come up with a focus word for the coming year that can also be an anagram.

For example:


And to support this focus, choose four other words that start with the those letters

Hone (your cooking skills)
Embody (physical activity)
Align (through meditation)
Learn (study)

Then find or take your own four photos to represent those words and stack them using Canva, Pic Stitch or other collage / graphic arts type apps.

I use Canva because it also allows me to add words and then resize to print in a number of configurations.

A note if you print it out. This year, I left a wide margin around the border so you can leave room to write in what you’ve actually done to support your goals.

And to leave room for serendipity. Nod to @luz_astral for that suggestion.

I also can use it as a screensaver for my phone or laptop.

The possibilities are endless ❤️

Tag me if you try it!

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