A card, a candle, a cleanse

Everyday Magic🧡

These are my three favorite elements to use as I go about the tasks of everyday living.

A Tarot Card for Inspiration
A Tea light for Illumination
An Herb for Impact

Mundane tasks hold so many opportunities to set and support my intentions. We all have to eat, to dress, cook, clean, etc. So why not bring a bit of beauty to the task?

My daily shower is a perfect example. While I do love a luxurious ritual bath, it is only a monthly indulgence for me, usually reserved for the full or new moon, depending on my needs.

But a ritual shower is so simple and I take one daily, so I have found easy ways to make it beautiful. Its my opportunity to wash off the day, literally and figuratively, and set up my night for dream work.

This is how I worked with Eucalyptus this week.

First, I’ll pull a tarot card either selectively or intentionally. And come up with a short simple Mantra to sing in the shower.
I’ll set the card on my pillow on my bed and then head to the bathroom where I’ll crush the herb and sprinkle a bit on my tea light before setting it on a ledge inside the shower and lighting it.

Sometimes I’ll stir more of the crushed herb into my bath soaps, scrubs, washes etc.

Finally, I’ll turn off all the lights. Turn on the water. And step into the altar I’ve created.

Bright blessings.

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