Full Moon in Cancer

I’ve filled my water dispenser with spring water, set it in my thrifted silver tray and loaded it up with intention

Cancer is my absolute favorite sign to set intentions for home and family. It also happens to be my youngest’s Sun sign. And while I don’t have any prominent Cancer placements in my chart, I do have a LOT of Water. I am a nester and my family is everything to me.

So I gathered our four family green Opal eggs, one for each of use and supporting Cancer stones of pink quartz, carnelian, selenite and clear quartz.

Cancer carries a double boost of energy as it moves into its home planet, The Moon.

I’ve added herbs around the edges that also support the energy of a happy, loving home.

Roses for peace and Love.

Lavender for calm, peace and tranquility

Rosemary for protection and purification

Chamomile for love, protection, abundance and purification

Peppermint for energy, cleansing and purification

Camellias for abundance, prosperity and spirituality

In the morning, I’ll tip the herb and flower mixture into a bowl and place it by the front door for the rest of the year. Refreshing it with essential oils as needed.

And I’ll brew the first pot of coffee for the family with water charges by this lovely nurturing Cancer Moon

Bright Blessings

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