Moon Mist

My new favorite way to use Moon Water

Moon Mist!

I had a dream last night of the full moon rising on the horizon through mist. Woke up at 4:30AM from an intense dream to find that the moon indeed was on a misty horizon 🌚

I grabbed my watercolors and painted it, using moon water to activate my paints. But I wanted to continue the magic.

So, I took that precious and rare beautiful snow that fell on the Full Moon in Cancer, charged it over two nights of the Full Moon embuing it with both the Cancer and Leo energy and then strained it into a misting bottle with witch hazel and drops of Lammas and Joyful Heart ritual oils from @skeletonkeyshop

The new moon in my Sun sign is in a few weeks and I am hoping for more snow ❄️ to create a birthday blend!

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