Threshold Tarot

Today I’m sharing my favorite daily spread that I created several years ago and use throughout the season of Imbolc.

Brigid is associated with thresholds. Legend says that she was born on the threshold as the sun rose. And it is customary in Ireland to conduct threshold rites welcoming her into your home on the eve of Imbolc.

I shuffle my cards in the morning as I participate in an active mediation:

I am walking down a corridor, towards a new day.
At the end of the corridor, I can see a door with light shining through a key hole.
As I walk towards this new day, I consider, What will it bring?
Pull the top card for the DOOR

I stand at the door and reach my hand into my pocket and find a key.
As I place the key into the lock and turn the handle, I mediate on what lesson is needed for the day
Pull a card from the middle of the deck for the KEY

Pushing the door open, I pause at the threshold, before stepping over
What lesson will I learn from this day?
Pull the bottom card for the THRESHOLD

Turn them all over and read your story for the day.

Bright blessings

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