Ritual Soaks

Don’t have a traditional bath tub?
Can’t get into one because of mobility issues?

No problem. Foot baths are the answer.

And one I use frequently when I don’t have the time or energy to indulge in a long ritual bath.

Find a container large enough for a foot bath and prepare a tonic with herbs, flowers, salts, bath bombs, ritual oils etc, setting your intention to add to the hot water.

I like to let it infuse in a separate bowl while I presoak in my foot bath.
Dressing a chine candle or birthday and setting it in the middle of the infusion adds all kinds of energy.
Plus it’s very satisfying to watch that little fizzle and poof as the flame is consumed by the water.

Add the infusion when you are ready

Gorgeous “Give a spell” kit from @awitchalone included herbs, candle, cleansing mist and ritual oil. Love ❤️

Fancy but affordable vibrating bubbling foot bath from Amazon.

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