Plant Allies

đź’šPlant Allies

I was listening to the most recent podcast of @woodspell.apothecary with @theolivetreesandthemoon and their conversations regarding plant allies. And the importance of just sitting with a plant and listening to what wisdom and medicine they have to share.

After the episode ended, I laid there in bed with this awful hacking, cough that had been lingering for days from Covid.

And I tried to get quiet and still and listen to my guides. What plant ally do I have that can help with this?

Then I remembered I had made a violet and oregano tincture two years ago. So, I got up out of my warm bed. Went downstairs, pit a teaspoon in a couple of ounces of warm water. Knocked it back. Coughing stopped!!!! Yay plant allies!

Moral of the story

Listen to your guides

Listen to your body

Listen to your plant allies

Bright blessings

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