Time to Tincture!

Time to Tincture!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my violets. They are a bit behind schedule which is odd given that everything else was blooming ahead.

Maybe they knew about the last freeze this past weekend!

They are a key ingredient in my respiratory health tincture.

I combine oregano tincture and violet tincture 2 parts oregano 1 part violet for my blend. It is the only thing that calmed my Covid cough in February.

The process is so simple
Wash and spin dry the fresh flowers or herbs
Pack into a jar 2/3 of the way up
Cover with vodka
Seal and Sucuss once a day for two weeks give it a good

What do I mean by succuss?

suc·​cus·​sion | \ sə-ˈkəsh-ən \
Definition of succussion
: the action or process of shaking or the condition of being shaken

Simply turn it over and give it a good three thumps, lid side down, on a folded towel.

This releases the oils of the herb into the alcohol.

If you are using dried material, only fill half full.

@suburban_witchery has a great little reel on the process

Then turn it right side back up until the next day.

After two weeks, strain and store in a dark bottle.

Compost the herbs. I like to use them as an offering to the spirits of my home 💚💜

Happy thumping!

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