Home Protection Wards

All manner of things are being stirred up by the March gales which bring renewed energy blowing across the land and through our being. Is it any wonder that the urge to purge and Spring clean is so strong?

After I do my own deep seasonal sweep, with all the windows open to cleanse my space, I make fresh wards to coincide with the new astrological year which just began with Aries season on March 21st.

And Mama Gaia is so generous with her gifts, providing beautiful natural material to fashion these protection charms.

Tulip poplar thorns, sweet gum balls and pine needle clusters are all being shaken loose from the branches by the strong breezes and winds and I am fortunate that I’m able to gather most of what I need from my own yard. Although the sweet gum balls are from a neighbor whose house sits at a crossroads. A great energy booster!

Look around your own part of the natural world and see what you can find that has a protective vibe for you personally.

Mine were made on a Sunday under a waning moon in my own sign to amplify the personal connection to my home.

Hang them on doors, from windows sills, car mirrors, on the perimeter of your property.

Anywhere you want to protect your physical boundaries.

Bright blessings

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