Astro Elemental Magic

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to my sweet friend Anthony of @ap_astrology for the inspiration for this post. He recently shared some incredible prompts for each sign, encouraging us to look at our sun and rising, on his Patreon that could be used for journaling, tarot spreads or both!

I immediately thought “these are gorgeous. I want to use them alllll!”

How to do that?

Look at your ENTIRE Astro chart. You have all twelve signs in that wheel.

Use them!

My sun and moon are Air

My rising is an Earth sign.

So where to pull in fire and water for balance?

Well. My Venus is in Pisces.

So I zeroed in on those prompts for water queries

I have NO planets in fire signs. However, my Midheaven is in Leo. So I picked one prompt from the Leo batch.

Combined them to make my own tarot/journaling spread!

I’m planning on printing these all out and cutting into either strips of paper or making my own little Astro Elemental Oracle deck.

If you aren’t following Anthony on IG, do so. He is a gem. And his Patreon is incomparable for content. He has only one price point and the bang for your buck is 🔥

Bright blessings

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