Who is the Star Hermit? I’m an Aquarius Sun and Virgo Rising. So I chose the Star and the Hermit as my online presence because they are the major Arcana correspondences for these signs in Tarot. My Moon is in Gemini and the major correspondence for that card is the Lovers. But Star Lover was already taken when I began this journey! Besides, the Gemini Moon represents my shadow side and I prefer to hold that energy close, so to speak!

My spiritual journey has taken as many turns and switch backs as the ascent of a high holy mountain. After being Raised Catholic and then transitioning to Presbyterianism when first married, I now shun labels altogether. Although I still hold and practice the deep and abiding love for the rituals of the Catholic faith and the critical thinking and emphasis on service developed by my time as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

This current arc began over 10 years ago when I found peace and fellowship in the triathlon community. A serious injury while training put that chapter of my life on hiatus and I struggled deeply with the loss.

However, the accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as most adversity tends to do. It led me to explore meditation as a way to manage the pain since I was having adverse reactions to traditional modalities. Meditation led to yoga and then to abstinence from alcohol when I began to have severe reactions to the substance.

All of these steps along the road led me to where I am now; a journey and calling for me alone to define, but eager and willing to share with others.


I am grounded. I am centered. I am safe.


I love.
I am loved.
I am sacred.


I am innovative, passionate, creative.


I speak calmly.
I speak clearly.
I speak my truth


I am whole.
I am holy.
I am.


I am strong, powerful and confident.

Solar Plexus

I see.
I know.
I am intuitive.

Third Eye

Let’s build something together.