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Spring Seasoning

Today marks the Spring Equinox, the balance of light and dark as we turn toward the warmth of a new season.

I wanted to do something easy to mark the shift. So I turned to my tried and true salt, pepper and a tea light candle are the ingredients for this simple ritual.

I sprinkled the salt and pepper evenly over each half of the candle to represent the balance of day and night. It will be placed on my cooktop and lit as I start dinner preparations with a prayer for balance in my life and that of my family in the coming season.

I also poured salt and pepper evenly in another dish and blended with my finger, again with a prayer of gratitude. It was then added to the soup, salad and bread I prepared for dinner to celebrate the equinox.

Bright blessings

Soul Food

Soul Cakes with Dark Cherries

❤️Soul Food

Food is one of my primary love languages and I try to speak it daily to the people in my life. ​

I made these offerings, some with dark cherries, some plain to have with tea on All Souls Day.

And one was also placed on the Ancestral altar for this Season of remembrance. I work with the energy of Samhain until the next cross quarter day, Imbolc. So I feel no pressure to cram everything into a day or a week. 💜

I’ll post the recipe to my website later this week. I’m still tweaking it