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Blue Flame Ritual

Blue Flame Ritual

The Super Full Moon is tomorrow, so I thought I’d share one of my top three favorite rituals to perform on any Full Moon and hope you will find as much beauty and benefit as I do with the flow.

Scientifically, Blue flames are considered to be “complete combustion”
The perfect balance between oxygen and fuel.
They also transfer more energy and are considered the safest flame because the blue color indicates a clean burn, ie no poisonous carbon monoxide

The science of the blue flame translates beautifully to magic and spirituality.

•perfect protection
•complete release

Then there is the color itself. Blue for me imparts feelings of peace, spirituality, truth, serenity.

Generally I like to use the three day window of the Full Moon, day before, of and day after to work with rituals for gratitude and release. For me, those energies are heightened during the Full moon phase.

Supply list is below:

•Epsom Salts
•Isopropyl Alcohol
•Fireproof container
•Bay leaves or strips of paper
•Writing instrument
•Matches or lighter
•Tongs or tweezers
• Large Tray

Place the fireproof container on a tray so you can move it quickly if necessary since it gets quite hot once the flame is ignited.

Place epsom salts in the bottom of the container and then barely cover the salt with rubbing alcohol. Note any alcohol used must be at least 70% or you won’t get the clean blue burn. The metal in Epsom salts is what creates the blue color.

Next write your message, intention, wish, gratitude notes on a bay leaf or strip of paper.

Meditate on these intentions for as long as you’d like. Then hold the bay leaf or piece of paper with tongs or tweezers, light it and drop it into the container.

Be prepared to be dazzled!

The blue flame will continue to dance for some time before self extinguishing.

Drop me a note in the comments if you try it and let me know your thoughts 💙

Bright Blessings.

Moon Mist

My new favorite way to use Moon Water

Moon Mist!

I had a dream last night of the full moon rising on the horizon through mist. Woke up at 4:30AM from an intense dream to find that the moon indeed was on a misty horizon 🌚

I grabbed my watercolors and painted it, using moon water to activate my paints. But I wanted to continue the magic.

So, I took that precious and rare beautiful snow that fell on the Full Moon in Cancer, charged it over two nights of the Full Moon embuing it with both the Cancer and Leo energy and then strained it into a misting bottle with witch hazel and drops of Lammas and Joyful Heart ritual oils from @skeletonkeyshop

The new moon in my Sun sign is in a few weeks and I am hoping for more snow ❄️ to create a birthday blend!

Full Moon in Cancer

I’ve filled my water dispenser with spring water, set it in my thrifted silver tray and loaded it up with intention

Cancer is my absolute favorite sign to set intentions for home and family. It also happens to be my youngest’s Sun sign. And while I don’t have any prominent Cancer placements in my chart, I do have a LOT of Water. I am a nester and my family is everything to me.

So I gathered our four family green Opal eggs, one for each of use and supporting Cancer stones of pink quartz, carnelian, selenite and clear quartz.

Cancer carries a double boost of energy as it moves into its home planet, The Moon.

I’ve added herbs around the edges that also support the energy of a happy, loving home.

Roses for peace and Love.

Lavender for calm, peace and tranquility

Rosemary for protection and purification

Chamomile for love, protection, abundance and purification

Peppermint for energy, cleansing and purification

Camellias for abundance, prosperity and spirituality

In the morning, I’ll tip the herb and flower mixture into a bowl and place it by the front door for the rest of the year. Refreshing it with essential oils as needed.

And I’ll brew the first pot of coffee for the family with water charges by this lovely nurturing Cancer Moon

Bright Blessings