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19 Flames for Brigid

🧡 Nineteen Flames for Brigid 🤍

In the lovely book by Lunaea Weatherstine “Tending Brigid’s Flame” she describes the ritual of 19 different priestesses guarding the eternal flame of the Goddesses holy site.
It is said on the 20th day, the Goddess Brigid herself would tend the flame and it would never extinguish.

She includes a beautiful poem, a stanza for each of the 19 days, to accompany the lighting of the candles. This book is a treasure and
I highly encourage you to purchase this incredible offering. Either paperback or kindle. I actually have both!

So as not to copy her work and also to honor the spirit of Brigid, patroness of poets, I have created my own haikus based off the authors theme for each candle.

The first three being:
Hearth and Home

I loved combing the days and my poems into a triptych for the 7 days leading up to Imbolc. And as serendipity would have it, by choosing this method, I begin the ritual today on my birthday!

And end on my husband’s birthday, which actually falls on Imbolc. He is Irish. Third generation. 💚
Combined with my own Scots bloodlines, I have found this ritual to be profound and deeply nourishing.

A small altar in my living room has been set up with this mandala of cedar and pussy willow buds. New herbs and flowers associated with Imbolc will be added each day. Cinnamon, chamomile, bay, rosemary, are some of my planned offerings.

New moon water will be charged on this tray, carrying with it the energy of not only the new moon and Imbolc, but my sun sign as well.

Here are my poems if you’d like to welcome Brigid tonight as well.

Flame 1

Bright welcome Brigid
Goddess of Light, my threshold
and heart are open

Flame 2

I have prepared my
table for your warm presence
Goddess of the hearth

Flame 3

My ancestors wait
Brigid of our legacies
and timeless blessings.

Bright blessings

Alternative Ancestral Offerings


My post yesterday got me thinking about different types of offerings other than the standard food, drink, candles, etc.

Some of these I already do, some of them are planned for the upcoming year and beyond.

I got to thinking that our ancestors had/have different love languages languages. And while food and drink and warmth and nice smelling things are always appreciated, maybe there would be other ways to bond with them

Like music for example. My grandmothers were young girls during the jazz age and Mothers during WW2. So I’ve pulled up Spotify and found playlists from those times that I will play when I spend time at my altar/desk

Handmade gifts that are a reflection of my own talents, like writing haikus and making origami stars to place by their photographs have been a daily addition these last few months

What I’m really ready to explore are acts of service and donations that speak specifically to how they lived their lives. One was the first female in her family to receive a college degree and was a first grade teacher for 40 years. Finding a way to donate to current young teachers who need classroom support in the form of time or supplies comes instantly to mind. There were also times of food insecurity, so donations to community food banks seems very appropriate.

And then of course, there is the ultimate gift. Your time. Your presence. Just spending 5 minutes at the start and close of my day to sit down with them. And take a deep breath. Say I love you. And thank you. What my plans are. How the day went. And then pausing and listening. I can’t begin to tell you how deeply this has impacted every aspect of my life in the past few years.

Those are just a few of my musings.
What kind of alternate love language offerings to your beloved dead appeal to you?