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Spring Seasoning

Today marks the Spring Equinox, the balance of light and dark as we turn toward the warmth of a new season.

I wanted to do something easy to mark the shift. So I turned to my tried and true salt, pepper and a tea light candle are the ingredients for this simple ritual.

I sprinkled the salt and pepper evenly over each half of the candle to represent the balance of day and night. It will be placed on my cooktop and lit as I start dinner preparations with a prayer for balance in my life and that of my family in the coming season.

I also poured salt and pepper evenly in another dish and blended with my finger, again with a prayer of gratitude. It was then added to the soup, salad and bread I prepared for dinner to celebrate the equinox.

Bright blessings

Sunflower Solidarity

Sunflower Solidarity

@bakercreekseeds raised 1.6 million for Ukraine relief during a weekend sale a few weeks ago!

I’ll be starting the seeds I purchased from them on the Equinox and they’ll go into my garden right before the full moon in April.

My bedtime bibliomancy fell open to this poem by Mary Oliver last night. A lovely bit of synchronicity. Perhaps I’ll read it aloud to the seeds as I sow in them in their little egg carton starter pods 💚

What seeds are you sowing this season?

Bright blessings

Ostara Offerings

Ostara Offerings

I have so many plans for these beauties.

The first free range farm eggs of the season from our community farmers market 🥚

First up, a gorgeous torta with fresh rainbow chard and applewood smoked Gouda (also from the market)

The eggs will have the tops trimmed off very carefully so they can be a rinsed, air dried and then filled with soy wax chips for candles

Some will be on my altar. Some on our dining table for the season.
Maybe a few as gifts.

Welcome Spring 💚🦋🌸

March Play Prompts

💙March Prompts

We’re rolling into Ostara and the Spring Equinox and the prompt list I’ve created is filled with that fresh emergent energy.

You can do them in order starting with the first column and working your way down.

This month I’ve written them on spring colored squares of paper and put them all in a bowl and draw one at random each morning.

I’ll then fold them into little origami kites to adorn my seasonal tree.

Bright blessings