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Thrift Your Craft – Part 2

Seriously. Thrift stores are my go to my for my craft, gifts and every day needs

There is something deeply satisfying about recognizing and rescuing treasure from discards.

My favorite thrift was having 50 percent off everything in their store for the holidays and I was able to bring home all you see here for 20 dollars.

The pearl and amethyst woven necklace and the little capodimonte vase that reminds me of my grandmother are my favorites

If you have the opportunity it’s, try it!

At the very least, I always find a book someone I know might like or that can be added to our neighborhoods free little library.

I do have a ritual of airing out, releasing old energy and blessing anything “new” that enters our home that I’ll share later this week.

Bright blessings

Coffee With Intentions

❤️💛Coffee with Intention🧡🤍

Using my suggestions for yesterday and the prompt list for December, here’s a visual for how the energy of Nourish and the word Prepare would vibe together.

My morning coffee grind gets tipped into its filter. I draw the elemental symbol for fire with my finger in the grounds and then add a few pieces of cinnamon stick and orange zest to amplify that fire energy.

If flavored coffee is not your thing maybe try it with tea or even flavoring your water.

Brew as normal and then sip, meditate on how best to prepare for your day.

Bright blessings

December Prompts

love working with prompts because they inspire me to work with broad bands of energies, not limited to just writing or photography.

I am sharing the list early so you can start thinking how you too might use these across the spectrums for your spiritual practice.

Need some examples to get your creative energies flowing?
Here’s how this might that look. 🥰

Pick a Practice, Pick a word and….

…your morning beverage with a whole spice (allspice and cinnamon are lovely) in your coffee maker or tea filter
…a large green salad with citrus and pomegranate seeds
…your bed with a spritz of lavender or a waft of mugwort smoke from an herb bundle


…a piece of parchment paper with a short love note to yourself, to others, to your guides, ancestors and tape it to a sunlit window

…your phone, tablet or desktop screen with a new seasonal wallpaper and Lock Screen

…your evening journal time with a colored pen or pencil doodle

I’ll be back next week with ideas for ACT AND LOVE

Until then, if you’d like to drop a note below and let me know what you did or how it went, I’d love to hear 💙

Bright blessings.

Poetry in the Shadows

💙Poetry In the Shadows 💚

I think the most radical act of love I can embrace is to face the discarded, neglected, shameful parts of myself.
Great healing happens in the shadows.

I meditated on this haiku I wrote while taking a ritual shower recently using very simple allies.

•Epsom salt
•Rainbow obsidian
•Black candle

I asked my guides to help me in bringing what I most need to address to the forefront of my consciousness.
Honestly, this is very difficult work for me because I have a very hard even recognizing what those wounds might be.
It’s a process and nothing immediately leapt out. But I definitely know there is something hiding there. I can feel it even if I can’t name it.

So while I wait and do the work, I’ll keep using this ritual because at the very least it opened the door

Bright blessings

Soul Food

Soul Cakes with Dark Cherries

❤️Soul Food

Food is one of my primary love languages and I try to speak it daily to the people in my life. ​

I made these offerings, some with dark cherries, some plain to have with tea on All Souls Day.

And one was also placed on the Ancestral altar for this Season of remembrance. I work with the energy of Samhain until the next cross quarter day, Imbolc. So I feel no pressure to cram everything into a day or a week. 💜

I’ll post the recipe to my website later this week. I’m still tweaking it

Protection Charms

I use this old silver compote that a family member gave me to do a lot of my ritual work for the home. The silver is perfect for gathering in and reflecting back energy from your chosen source. For my purpose here, I placed it where it could catch the waning moon light leading up to the dark moon.

The thorns were soaked for a few days and then transferred to a paper towel lined tray to dry off before being placed over all the windows and doors on the new moon.

I also saved the oil by draining it through a cheese cloth lined sieve, putting it in an old jar and labeled for use in the coming year.

Final tip. Save that oil soaked paper!

It’s great to use as a fire starter. I stuff it into old paper towel rolls. Add some herbs or incense and write an intention or Sigils on the outside. I then toss it into a chimnea fire to complete the ritual❤️

Bright blessings

🤍Protection Oil ❤️

Here’s list of herbs and spices from my pantry and yard that I use to create the oil.

It is inexpensive, easy to prepare and the ingredients can be varied according to what you have on hand and your own personal preferences.

I like to use it to anoint charms that I carry with me such as black tourmaline. It can also be used to ward your home by dipping your finger in the oil and drawing sigils above your doorways and windows.

Fallen pine ones and acorns are abundant right now and make excellent wards as well. Drizzling a bit of the oil over them and placing them in small bowls of salt in the corners of your home make excellent wards.

Bright blessings

Protection oil recipe

Cold Herbal Infusion Floor Wash

Basil Infusion for New Moon Floor Wash

💚❤️🤍 Cold Water Basil Infusion

Used a gorgeous live basil plant that perfumed my entire car on the drive home to make this floor wash to usher in the new moon.

Thank l you to @luz_astral for this tip. I never would have thought to do a cold infusion for an afternoon but the result was potent and the whole house absolutely dang with beautiful cleansing energy. 10/10 recommend.