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Ritual Soaks

Don’t have a traditional bath tub?
Can’t get into one because of mobility issues?

No problem. Foot baths are the answer.

And one I use frequently when I don’t have the time or energy to indulge in a long ritual bath.

Find a container large enough for a foot bath and prepare a tonic with herbs, flowers, salts, bath bombs, ritual oils etc, setting your intention to add to the hot water.

I like to let it infuse in a separate bowl while I presoak in my foot bath.
Dressing a chine candle or birthday and setting it in the middle of the infusion adds all kinds of energy.
Plus it’s very satisfying to watch that little fizzle and poof as the flame is consumed by the water.

Add the infusion when you are ready

Gorgeous “Give a spell” kit from @awitchalone included herbs, candle, cleansing mist and ritual oil. Love ❤️

Fancy but affordable vibrating bubbling foot bath from Amazon.

Daily Prompt Practice

💙Daily Prompt Practice Therapy

• write words from prompt list of your choice or create your own each month, on squares of paper

•toss into a bowl

•pull one a day or seven for the week, or whatever system works for you

•play with it: journal, write a poem, a piece of flash fiction. Draw a picture. Chant a mantra

•fold into origami heart

• place back in the bowl


Prayer Circles

🧡Prayer Circles 🤍

I have repurposed that “concept” in the creation and use of my own beads for different purposes in my daily practice.

Several years ago I crocheted a necklace for prayers to Brigid using black thread and beads I purchased in Italy years ago. An old locket holds an image of her inside.

The chakra beads are used to state my affirmations for each chakra each day.

The rosary was a thrift store find. I loved the center medallion of Mary and is a way for me to connect with my ancestors and the divine feminine. It was missing the cross which was fine by me because I worked in my own purchase (also from that trip to Italy) and I love the juxtaposition.

Do you use prayer beads in your practice?

Bright blessings

A card, a candle, a cleanse

Everyday Magic🧡

These are my three favorite elements to use as I go about the tasks of everyday living.

A Tarot Card for Inspiration
A Tea light for Illumination
An Herb for Impact

Mundane tasks hold so many opportunities to set and support my intentions. We all have to eat, to dress, cook, clean, etc. So why not bring a bit of beauty to the task?

My daily shower is a perfect example. While I do love a luxurious ritual bath, it is only a monthly indulgence for me, usually reserved for the full or new moon, depending on my needs.

But a ritual shower is so simple and I take one daily, so I have found easy ways to make it beautiful. Its my opportunity to wash off the day, literally and figuratively, and set up my night for dream work.

This is how I worked with Eucalyptus this week.

First, I’ll pull a tarot card either selectively or intentionally. And come up with a short simple Mantra to sing in the shower.
I’ll set the card on my pillow on my bed and then head to the bathroom where I’ll crush the herb and sprinkle a bit on my tea light before setting it on a ledge inside the shower and lighting it.

Sometimes I’ll stir more of the crushed herb into my bath soaps, scrubs, washes etc.

Finally, I’ll turn off all the lights. Turn on the water. And step into the altar I’ve created.

Bright blessings.

Alternative Ancestral Offerings


My post yesterday got me thinking about different types of offerings other than the standard food, drink, candles, etc.

Some of these I already do, some of them are planned for the upcoming year and beyond.

I got to thinking that our ancestors had/have different love languages languages. And while food and drink and warmth and nice smelling things are always appreciated, maybe there would be other ways to bond with them

Like music for example. My grandmothers were young girls during the jazz age and Mothers during WW2. So I’ve pulled up Spotify and found playlists from those times that I will play when I spend time at my altar/desk

Handmade gifts that are a reflection of my own talents, like writing haikus and making origami stars to place by their photographs have been a daily addition these last few months

What I’m really ready to explore are acts of service and donations that speak specifically to how they lived their lives. One was the first female in her family to receive a college degree and was a first grade teacher for 40 years. Finding a way to donate to current young teachers who need classroom support in the form of time or supplies comes instantly to mind. There were also times of food insecurity, so donations to community food banks seems very appropriate.

And then of course, there is the ultimate gift. Your time. Your presence. Just spending 5 minutes at the start and close of my day to sit down with them. And take a deep breath. Say I love you. And thank you. What my plans are. How the day went. And then pausing and listening. I can’t begin to tell you how deeply this has impacted every aspect of my life in the past few years.

Those are just a few of my musings.
What kind of alternate love language offerings to your beloved dead appeal to you?

Sixth of Sunwait

Bright blessings on this Winter Solstice ❄️




Kenaz – In the sixth of sunwait we light
The candle of Kenaz so bright
A light in darkness again shall arise
May the hope of yule in it rise

Consider this interpretation from Rune Secrets

“….there is inborn and hereditary knowledge, and that one of the cognitive faculties governed by Kenaz is intuition.

Kenaz is like a torchlit library, and the energy is clearly filled with unlimited potential to learn and to map. “

Pull your cards, meditate and journal by candles light


Daily Prompts in Action

Putting spiritual practice and my monthly prompts list into action for December

Working with the Solar Chakra today, I chose:


and the the prompt:


Combined this might look like

…an offering of gratitude for the gift of a new day

…a chant as you walk through your home to lift the energy through the day

…a mantra as you prepare for sleep

I’d love to hear what you come up with💛

Bright blessings

Yule Gatherings

💚Thrift Your Craft🧡

Setting up for a Winter Solstice celebration🌲

Vintage ornaments from my maternal grandmother


Chargers, napkins and tablecloth from the thrift store.

I’m using Oracle cards for place settings nestled into cinnamon stick “Yule Logs” tied with twine, a sprig of Rosemary and a cranberry.


Magic 🌲

The napkins literally took a minute to fold. Reel how to from another account will be shared in my stories

I think the Oracle cards will be great conversation starters. #seasonsofthewitchyuleoracle

And we will each add our Yule log with a wish, prayer or intention to the Wassail simmering on the stove after dinner.

Make some magic!

Love Letters to my Ancestors

💙More love letters and offerings🤍

A very generous share from @erika.buenaflor_curandera
(See second slide) inspired me to drizzle essential oils over the note and add their herbal forms before placing on my ancestor altar.

While the large family communal altar may be down until next October, my smaller one that I have been tending daily for several years will always be the focal point of my spiritual practice.