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Coffee With Intentions

❤️💛Coffee with Intention🧡🤍

Using my suggestions for yesterday and the prompt list for December, here’s a visual for how the energy of Nourish and the word Prepare would vibe together.

My morning coffee grind gets tipped into its filter. I draw the elemental symbol for fire with my finger in the grounds and then add a few pieces of cinnamon stick and orange zest to amplify that fire energy.

If flavored coffee is not your thing maybe try it with tea or even flavoring your water.

Brew as normal and then sip, meditate on how best to prepare for your day.

Bright blessings

Sugar Sigils

Sugar sigils

I start my mornings by sprinkling a spice of intent onto my sugar and then drawing a sigil in it.

Most days I prefer cinnamon because the energetic properties are so diverse. And it’s readily available, the smell is comforting and the taste, warming.

These some of my magickal associations and the sigils I use:

•Spirituality and Snake

•Luck and Horseshoe

•Success and Sun

•Prosperity and Dollar sign

•Protection and 5 pointed star

•Love and Heart

•Strength and Acorn

•Power and Spiral

My favorite is a spiral that I draw by starting at the top of the dish and pulling the energy in the center, towards me.

I then add it to my coffee after I have read the images in my cream pour

How do you use sigils?