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Prayer Circles

🧡Prayer Circles 🤍

I have repurposed that “concept” in the creation and use of my own beads for different purposes in my daily practice.

Several years ago I crocheted a necklace for prayers to Brigid using black thread and beads I purchased in Italy years ago. An old locket holds an image of her inside.

The chakra beads are used to state my affirmations for each chakra each day.

The rosary was a thrift store find. I loved the center medallion of Mary and is a way for me to connect with my ancestors and the divine feminine. It was missing the cross which was fine by me because I worked in my own purchase (also from that trip to Italy) and I love the juxtaposition.

Do you use prayer beads in your practice?

Bright blessings

Imbolc Preparations

Imbolc 💚

My favorite Sabbat of all 🌀

Brigid is a deity who showed up early in my practice and I have welcomed her presence with gratitude.

All that to say, I’ve already stated preparations!

•Making my beeswax sabbat candles for the year for blessing on the Eve of Imbolc

•Planning a menu, including an oat milk blackberry latte

• a 19 flame/tea light mandala with herbal and floral correspondences inspired by the poem in #tendingbrigidsflame

I’ll share those in the next few days but for now here’s a new material to make Brigid’s Crosses with raffia!

Weaving instructions with paper strips is also a great alternative.

Bright blessings

Moon Mist

My new favorite way to use Moon Water

Moon Mist!

I had a dream last night of the full moon rising on the horizon through mist. Woke up at 4:30AM from an intense dream to find that the moon indeed was on a misty horizon 🌚

I grabbed my watercolors and painted it, using moon water to activate my paints. But I wanted to continue the magic.

So, I took that precious and rare beautiful snow that fell on the Full Moon in Cancer, charged it over two nights of the Full Moon embuing it with both the Cancer and Leo energy and then strained it into a misting bottle with witch hazel and drops of Lammas and Joyful Heart ritual oils from @skeletonkeyshop

The new moon in my Sun sign is in a few weeks and I am hoping for more snow ❄️ to create a birthday blend!

New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn Infusion💜

Brilliant use of my water dispenser inspired by another blogger. It usually sits collecting dust in between family gatherings or parties. So I’m thrilled to see it get more use.

I used crystals and herbs traditionally associated with Capricorn.

Garnet and Amethyst are also linked with Aquarius, my sun sign. So bonus!
I also have some significant planets in Capricorn so this felt like a must do for me.

Garnet, Amethyst, Onyx, Pink Quartz, Malachite, Blue Agate (this one seemed odd but it popped up on several searches. Maybe because us Cappy’s need to chill the F out sometimes), Clear Quartz

Rosemary and tarragon which was still growing in my herb garden. Dried chamomile from my apothecary. And also some pine because it just feels Capricorn. Solid, dependable, solid growth.

I also added the sigil for the Archangel for Capricorn, Azrael. Mostly known as the Angel of Death, he is also very much associated with aiding in transition. Which makes sense. Because what is death if not transition. And Death of course is not limited to the physical body but to old ways of thinking, being doing.

It was definitely a last minute addition, but one I felt strongly pulled to include.

And a final note. My silver platter. It flows beautifully with the Cappy ethic of loving top shelf things, but also being financially conservative. I thinks it’s serendipity that I found the silver platter last month for 10 at a thrift store. It’s the Perfect amplifier.

Yule Gatherings

💚Thrift Your Craft🧡

Setting up for a Winter Solstice celebration🌲

Vintage ornaments from my maternal grandmother


Chargers, napkins and tablecloth from the thrift store.

I’m using Oracle cards for place settings nestled into cinnamon stick “Yule Logs” tied with twine, a sprig of Rosemary and a cranberry.


Magic 🌲

The napkins literally took a minute to fold. Reel how to from another account will be shared in my stories

I think the Oracle cards will be great conversation starters. #seasonsofthewitchyuleoracle

And we will each add our Yule log with a wish, prayer or intention to the Wassail simmering on the stove after dinner.

Make some magic!

Thrift Your Craft – Part 2

Seriously. Thrift stores are my go to my for my craft, gifts and every day needs

There is something deeply satisfying about recognizing and rescuing treasure from discards.

My favorite thrift was having 50 percent off everything in their store for the holidays and I was able to bring home all you see here for 20 dollars.

The pearl and amethyst woven necklace and the little capodimonte vase that reminds me of my grandmother are my favorites

If you have the opportunity it’s, try it!

At the very least, I always find a book someone I know might like or that can be added to our neighborhoods free little library.

I do have a ritual of airing out, releasing old energy and blessing anything “new” that enters our home that I’ll share later this week.

Bright blessings