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Spring Seasoning

Today marks the Spring Equinox, the balance of light and dark as we turn toward the warmth of a new season.

I wanted to do something easy to mark the shift. So I turned to my tried and true salt, pepper and a tea light candle are the ingredients for this simple ritual.

I sprinkled the salt and pepper evenly over each half of the candle to represent the balance of day and night. It will be placed on my cooktop and lit as I start dinner preparations with a prayer for balance in my life and that of my family in the coming season.

I also poured salt and pepper evenly in another dish and blended with my finger, again with a prayer of gratitude. It was then added to the soup, salad and bread I prepared for dinner to celebrate the equinox.

Bright blessings

🤍Protection Oil ❤️

Here’s list of herbs and spices from my pantry and yard that I use to create the oil.

It is inexpensive, easy to prepare and the ingredients can be varied according to what you have on hand and your own personal preferences.

I like to use it to anoint charms that I carry with me such as black tourmaline. It can also be used to ward your home by dipping your finger in the oil and drawing sigils above your doorways and windows.

Fallen pine ones and acorns are abundant right now and make excellent wards as well. Drizzling a bit of the oil over them and placing them in small bowls of salt in the corners of your home make excellent wards.

Bright blessings

Protection oil recipe

November Writing Prompts

New November
Part 2

New Month•New Look•New Energy


One of the best things to come out of this realignment was my decision
to come up with my own monthly prompts.

But I’m taking a broader approach than a daily haiku. Poetry will remain a constant for sure. But you might also see them as the focus of a tarot spread. Or as a small practical magick ritual. The possibilities are endless for me. And I hope for you too!

I also didn’t number them because I wanted the creative process be more organic and intuitively led.

So take what you like and leave the rest!







Pumpkin Spice Latte

Offering up a seasonal brew!

Totally inspired by the recipe from @comfycozywitch and her Pumpkin spice latte creamer🧡🌚🍂

I did make some modifications;
Brown sugar for white
A bit more pumpkin purée
Maple syrup
Almond milk
Orange and vanilla extracts

I’m also currently infusing some cacao nibs in coconut oil for a ritual later this week and may use the rest of the infusion to do a different riff on the PSL as well

Stay tuned!










Welcome to the Home of the Star Hermit. I am so honored and grateful to share my sacred space with you.  My spiritual practice is chakra centered, ancestrally informed and always deeply connected to this World we share. Here you will find offerings that I hope will inspire, inform and support you in your own journey. Come in and explore.


 A Root Chakra focused place to explore, food, home and all things Hygge.


My Sacral Chakra led place where I share my creative and artistic passions. 

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Action, advocacy, motivation, stepping into your power. All these topics and more related to the Solar Plexus Chakra will be share within this space.

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What do you truly love? The Heart chakra encourages us to lead and receive with an open heart. Gratitude Note and other supportive offerings will be housed here.


Through spoken or written word, my musings and offerings channeled through the Throat Chakra are shared here.


The Third Eye is a powerful gateway for seeking knowledge of oneself in relationship with the Universe. Tarot is one of my favorite tools of divination to connect with this sacred union. All forms of divination and intuitive exploration will be offered in this space.

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We are all magical creatures. Called into a relationship with the Divine. Rituals that connect us with the seasons, the lunar phases, and everyday practical magic will be shared in this circle.

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Welcome to the first post to Nourish! I woke up this morning to 58 degree temperatures and welcomed the shift in seasons with open arms. It is fig season and I am thrilled to share this recipe for a small batch lemon thyme fig jam that comes together quickly and minimal prep work.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Be forewarned. Posting photographs of this creation to any social media page will be met with requests for the recipe and or a jar!