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Low Key Litha

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but in the USA we are experiencing record breaking heat throughout most of the country.

And personally, I have zero interest in doing any of the traditional activities that involve extended time outdoors like bonfires, hiking, gardening. And forget about baking!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite low key, extremely simple activities to fan your Litha Passions without inviting heat stroke.
I plan on using some of them on the Solstice and all summer long.


☀️Sun tea

🌿 Infused herbal and or fruit waters

🥤 Summer Fruit Lassis

🧊 Herbal and or floral ice cubes for your beverages

🍓 Frozen yogurt and berry bark

🍇 Grapes dipped in yogurt and frozen, or just plain. Mini portable popsicles!


🌬Curling ribbons in Litha colors tied to the cage of an oscillating fan

🌹 Herbal or Floral infused water in a misting bottle kept nearby in a wine chiller.

🪴 Bouquet of fresh fire element herbs as a centerpiece that you use all day in meals.
Ideas? Basil in a caprese salad. Mint and melon balls. Rosemary foccia pizza.

👑 Flower crown wreath
Red Carnations are associated with the Sun, cheap, easy to come by and make a sturdy crown base if you want to add extras.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Singing Bowl Mediations
Find them on Spotify, YouTube or Insight Timer.
Bonus points for solar chakra frequencies.

🚿 Chamomile Shower Tea. Cause it’s too darn hot for a bath! All you need is two chamomile tea bags and a votive candle. Brew a weak pot and cool for a shower tea. Open the other and sprinkle some on the votive candle to light in your shower. I like to set mine in the soap dish

📕 Spooky cozy reads
Hot tip for a chill read
Download one of the Tradd Street mystery series from your local Library via Libby. The protagonist is a Charleston real estate agent who talks to dead people who favor making their presence know with icy temp drops.

Bright blessings

Blue Flame Ritual

Blue Flame Ritual

The Super Full Moon is tomorrow, so I thought I’d share one of my top three favorite rituals to perform on any Full Moon and hope you will find as much beauty and benefit as I do with the flow.

Scientifically, Blue flames are considered to be “complete combustion”
The perfect balance between oxygen and fuel.
They also transfer more energy and are considered the safest flame because the blue color indicates a clean burn, ie no poisonous carbon monoxide

The science of the blue flame translates beautifully to magic and spirituality.

•perfect protection
•complete release

Then there is the color itself. Blue for me imparts feelings of peace, spirituality, truth, serenity.

Generally I like to use the three day window of the Full Moon, day before, of and day after to work with rituals for gratitude and release. For me, those energies are heightened during the Full moon phase.

Supply list is below:

•Epsom Salts
•Isopropyl Alcohol
•Fireproof container
•Bay leaves or strips of paper
•Writing instrument
•Matches or lighter
•Tongs or tweezers
• Large Tray

Place the fireproof container on a tray so you can move it quickly if necessary since it gets quite hot once the flame is ignited.

Place epsom salts in the bottom of the container and then barely cover the salt with rubbing alcohol. Note any alcohol used must be at least 70% or you won’t get the clean blue burn. The metal in Epsom salts is what creates the blue color.

Next write your message, intention, wish, gratitude notes on a bay leaf or strip of paper.

Meditate on these intentions for as long as you’d like. Then hold the bay leaf or piece of paper with tongs or tweezers, light it and drop it into the container.

Be prepared to be dazzled!

The blue flame will continue to dance for some time before self extinguishing.

Drop me a note in the comments if you try it and let me know your thoughts 💙

Bright Blessings.



The Gaelic practice of smoke cleansing. Scottish Gaelic word Saen, to “sain” is the Irish + Scottish meaning to charm, protect, activate, or recharge. It can be performed with water, smoke and fire.

And Fat Wood from a fallen pine makes the perfect smoke cleanse tool.

Pine is abundant in my region and I actually have three huge ones in my yard.

The fallen branches are known as fat wood or pitch and can be splintered and dried to use in place of Palo Santo. The pine must be fallen, not cut. Because a damaged branch, before it falls, has produced resin as a healing defense. It is this resin that creates the slow and fragrant burn.

These three guardians of my home are also abundant with offerings for other types of saining:

•Pine cones to tuck intentions into and toss on a bonfire.

•Tiny seedlings to harvest and cold infuse in water overnight for floor washes.

•Fallen needles woven into tiny wreaths

I treasure the gifts and wisdom my pines bestow 💚

Retrograde Chiller

Chilling through the retrograde
with my Spring Fling brew

I’ve tweaked the recipe from the blog of @thisnakedmind

Cardamom pods, cracked
Cucumber slices
Mint, copious quantities
Rosemary sprigs
Lemon peel
Lime peel
Chamomile buds

Infused in cold water in fridge overnight

Strain and serve half brew, half tonic water and a couple dashes of bitters.

Huntress from @woodspell.apothecary is exceptional here. 💚

The flavor is reminiscent of a gin and tonic. But much more herbaceous.

Garnish with lime, cucumber slice or mint. Or all three💚

Bright blessings

Beltane Shower Tea

It all started with an afternoon downpour on Beltane. Rain on Beltane is imbued with deep magic. So I grabbed a glass bowl and ran outside to let it gather the waters

While the rain was collecting, I brewed some Tulsi Rose tea, perfect energy and scent for the season.

After an hour, I brought the rainwater inside and added crystals to the bottom of the bowl, placed some pink flowers in a circle and swirled Beltane essential oil in with my fingers. Finally, I poured the Tulsi tea infusion into the bath.

I also poured a cup of the brew for me to sip before heading to my shower with the bowl to do a bedtime cleansing and blessing ritual

It was a lovely way to close the sabbat and my dreams were equally as beautiful

Bright blessings for this next season in the turn of the wheel.

Poetry and Play

A little peak at my current daily mediation, poetry and play practice

I write each word from my curated monthly list on origami squares at the beginning of the month.

and then pick a fold that is reflective of the season. For me, April means tulips. 🌷

After I pull the prompt and some Oracle cards, I compose a poem. And then usually create an image in Canva and share it to my author account @rachel.l.carlyle

I record the poem in my perpetual seasonal journal and then create the origami offering and place it on my ancestor altar.

In the evening the offerings go into a big crystal bowl for the year.

Not quite sure what I’ll do with them in a years time. I’m sure Spirit will inform ❤️

Bright blessings

Home Protection Wards

All manner of things are being stirred up by the March gales which bring renewed energy blowing across the land and through our being. Is it any wonder that the urge to purge and Spring clean is so strong?

After I do my own deep seasonal sweep, with all the windows open to cleanse my space, I make fresh wards to coincide with the new astrological year which just began with Aries season on March 21st.

And Mama Gaia is so generous with her gifts, providing beautiful natural material to fashion these protection charms.

Tulip poplar thorns, sweet gum balls and pine needle clusters are all being shaken loose from the branches by the strong breezes and winds and I am fortunate that I’m able to gather most of what I need from my own yard. Although the sweet gum balls are from a neighbor whose house sits at a crossroads. A great energy booster!

Look around your own part of the natural world and see what you can find that has a protective vibe for you personally.

Mine were made on a Sunday under a waning moon in my own sign to amplify the personal connection to my home.

Hang them on doors, from windows sills, car mirrors, on the perimeter of your property.

Anywhere you want to protect your physical boundaries.

Bright blessings

Spring Seasoning

Today marks the Spring Equinox, the balance of light and dark as we turn toward the warmth of a new season.

I wanted to do something easy to mark the shift. So I turned to my tried and true salt, pepper and a tea light candle are the ingredients for this simple ritual.

I sprinkled the salt and pepper evenly over each half of the candle to represent the balance of day and night. It will be placed on my cooktop and lit as I start dinner preparations with a prayer for balance in my life and that of my family in the coming season.

I also poured salt and pepper evenly in another dish and blended with my finger, again with a prayer of gratitude. It was then added to the soup, salad and bread I prepared for dinner to celebrate the equinox.

Bright blessings

Time to Tincture!

Time to Tincture!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my violets. They are a bit behind schedule which is odd given that everything else was blooming ahead.

Maybe they knew about the last freeze this past weekend!

They are a key ingredient in my respiratory health tincture.

I combine oregano tincture and violet tincture 2 parts oregano 1 part violet for my blend. It is the only thing that calmed my Covid cough in February.

The process is so simple
Wash and spin dry the fresh flowers or herbs
Pack into a jar 2/3 of the way up
Cover with vodka
Seal and Sucuss once a day for two weeks give it a good

What do I mean by succuss?

suc·​cus·​sion | \ sə-ˈkəsh-ən \
Definition of succussion
: the action or process of shaking or the condition of being shaken

Simply turn it over and give it a good three thumps, lid side down, on a folded towel.

This releases the oils of the herb into the alcohol.

If you are using dried material, only fill half full.

@suburban_witchery has a great little reel on the process

Then turn it right side back up until the next day.

After two weeks, strain and store in a dark bottle.

Compost the herbs. I like to use them as an offering to the spirits of my home 💚💜

Happy thumping!

Sunflower Solidarity

Sunflower Solidarity

@bakercreekseeds raised 1.6 million for Ukraine relief during a weekend sale a few weeks ago!

I’ll be starting the seeds I purchased from them on the Equinox and they’ll go into my garden right before the full moon in April.

My bedtime bibliomancy fell open to this poem by Mary Oliver last night. A lovely bit of synchronicity. Perhaps I’ll read it aloud to the seeds as I sow in them in their little egg carton starter pods 💚

What seeds are you sowing this season?

Bright blessings